Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! | Whether straight or circular…

Whether Straight or Circular cutting…

Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! model for vertical and diagonal cutting of polystyrene foams (EPS, XPS) or similar materials. Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! is used in the building, packing industry or it the architectural model construction sector. The aluminium profile frame and the wood board working table with scales and angle marks, makes styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! easy to use and easy to move due the weight of construction.

Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table!

For cutting circles the styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! has got a nose, upon which you can lay the cutting materials. The nose can be adjusted and fixed for changing the angle. Thanks to scale and angle marks, time intensive marking of insulating slabs can be dispensed with.

Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table!
Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table!
Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table!


Temperature adjustment

Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! equipped with powerful transformer wich is located under the operating plate (table) and has a protection Fuse (standard: 5 x 20), ON – OFF switch, adjustable knob for temperature adjustment and indication lamp. 

Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table!
Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table!

The cutting temperature is continuously adjustable by means of an Adjusting Knob which is located in a front side of transformer box. A transformer heats the hot wire in 1 – 3 seconds to approx. 500 – 600°C on a max. value of Adjusting Knob. Normal operating temperature for polystyrene (EPS, XPS) materials is 250 – 450°C.


Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! can be operated only with Foot switch which is incl. in basic kit of device. Foot switch allow “hands free” operation; this enables the operator to hold the styrofoam plate with both hands for easy cutting and operating. 

Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! - Foot Switch


Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! - Cutting wire

For Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table! we use Nichrome – NiCr wire. We offer ready-made versions of the cutting wire with two lugs on the ends for easy and quick installation on the cutter. Cutting Wire for HWS-Table! You can buy by the piece (1 pc) or in large amounts (1kit = 10pc). The cutting wire are always in stock and can be sent to the client immediately after the order confirmation.


Styrofoam cutter HWS-Table!

Cutting height:

max. 550 mm

Cutting width:

max. 500 mm


circle cutter max. 250 mm

Cutting t° C.:

max. 600° C adjustable




1.200x600x1.400mm (LxWxH)

Working height:

830 mm


25 kg

Art. #:


Extra wire:



In Stock




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