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Hot knife cutter HWS250!

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A first-class “Hot knife cutter” for every occasion

The HWS250 foam cutter, also called the “hot knife”, is designed for cutting various polystyrene-based materials, such as non-pressed expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS), or similar materials. The main feature of the HWS250 cutter is its huge variety of optional accessories and blades, which, in combination with its power max. 320W, mobility, light weight (400 g net) and flexibility, makes the hot knife cutter HWS250! an essential tool for handling polystyrene or similar materials.

Hot knife cutter

The styrofoam hot knife cutter HWS250! has a step-by-step power controller to change the temperature of the blade and an LED indicator to show the degree of temperature change. The HWS250 styrofoam cutter has proved itself to be an indispensable tool on the construction site, in the design studio, with model making masters, and for a range of hobbies and pastimes. 


  • Line voltage:   230-volt/50 Hz    110-volt/60 Hz  
  • Power: max. 320W
  • Power cord: 2m
  • Plug type: EURO Type F,E
    (Available different option on pre-order)
  • Cutting depth: up to 240mm
  • Blade temperature: max. 500° C
  • Operating temp.: 0° kuni +35° C
  • Weight: 0,550kg
  • Step-by-step power controller
  • Air-Cooling ventilation


  • Ready-to-use in 3-5 sec.
  • Optimal electrical efficiency
  • Easy blade change
  • Protective insulated
  • A wide range of optional accessories and blades
  • Allows sections of very different shapes
  • Large operating range, fast cutting
  • LED On-indicator lamp
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Low self heating
  • Interchangeable blades
  • No dust and no static charge
  • Portable carrying case
  • Ergonomic design
Hot knife cutter
Hot knife cutter


Basic kit of HWS250! cutter incl:

  • Hot knife cutter HWS250
  • Cutting blade Type-D25 (L=250 mm)
  • Brass brush
  • Allen key
  • Measuring tape
  • User manual
  • Portable carrying case


Art. nr.:

Hot knife cutter HWS250


Hot knife cutter

Optional accessories

Bendable blade Type-G30 (L=30cm)


Hot knife cutter

Groover (Grooving platform)


Hot knife cutter

“MINI”-Platform (Tube seat groover)


Hot knife cutter

Cutting guide (Adapter for straight blades)


Hot knife cutter

Cutting blade Type-D20 (L=20cm)


Hot knife cutter

Cutting blade Type-D20 (L=20cm)


Hot knife cutter


All items are In Stock

Hot knife cutter

Important: The hot knife cutter HWS250 is intended for short-term use. If the cutter is operated continuously for a long time, it can result in transformer failure and excessive bending of the cutting blade. 



The bendable blade Type-G30 is used as a cutting element for grooving platforms. The blade has a medium level of elasticity and may be bent without special tools. The desired shape (for example, a semicircle with different diameters for cutting grooves for tubes) can be changed by hand or by using whatever tools are available. Use pliers for straight rectangular or angular bends. The flexible blade Type-G30 is 30 cm long and 5 mm wide.

Hot knife cutter


The grooving platform “Groover” works only with the shaped blade Type-G30. The Type-G30 blade bent into the desired shape is fixed in special width adjustable holders, which can also be used to adjust the height of the blade.


The grooving platform “Groover” is equipped with detachable guide rails which can be adjusted over the entire width of the platform. You can use one or two rails or remove them completely by unscrewing the fixing bolts. The allen key is attached to the top of the platform for fast installation of the grooving platform on the hot knife cutter.


The tube seat groover (grooving “MINI” platform) works only with the shaped blade Type-G30. Unlike the more advanced model (grooving platform), the MINI platform is primarily used for cutting small grooves, grooves for different tubes or, for example, for fittings. The height of the blade can be adjusted.



The adapter for straight blades “Cutting guide” helps cut expanded polystyrene evenly and at different angles. The adapter is fixed with two bolts to the base of the hot knife cutter and is generally used with standard straight blades Type-D20 (L = 200 mm) and Type-D25 (L = 250 mm). The adapter is fitted with an adjustable guide bar with a back stop and an angle adjuster.

Hot knife cutter

Important: When using optional accessories, always take into account the length of the blade fixed in the holders of the platforms and choose/adjust the correct blade heating cycle. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Set the step-by-step power controller to the minimum value.
  • Fix the blade to the platform holders.
  • Activate the cutter by holding down the power button (switch)
  • Touch the material with the blade.
  • Turn the step-by-step power controller until the blade starts to cut the material smoothly. Note that it takes 3 to 5 seconds for the blade to heat to the value set on the controller.
  • When the right value is set, you can now start working.




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Hot knife cutter

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