Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! | Simplicity of cutting

The Classic Cutter – simplicity . . .

Definition of Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! is – Simplicity. The HWS-Easy! cuts all standard polystyrene (EPS, XPS) slab sizes effectively, properly and easily. The hot wire foam cutter  HWS-Easy! cutter can be used horizontally (e.g. on a stack of polystyrene slabs or some table), standing (e.g. using special stand base which is avaliable optionally), leaned against the wall or attached to the scaffold rail with the optionally available scaffold bracket.



Hot wire foam cutter

Just simplicity! The standard hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! model is available as a Classical table cutting device without additional accessories. The bow of hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! is made from aluminum profile and equipped with ball-bearing supported side elements, the base board is made from laminated wood and glued together.
Basic kit of HWS-Easy! include: HWS-Easy! device, add. cutting wire, instruction manual, hooks for wire changing, small carrying bag for tools, 3m. tape-measure.



The powerful transformer easily assembled on the device with four screws. After electric connection of the transformer to the bow, using high-quality, splash-proof, XLR industrial plug connectors, Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! is ready for action immediately. Protection class (IP) of transformer is 66. There is push-button and additionally ON-OFF switch on the bow for cutter activation.


A small detail, but important in practice: Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! is equipped with limit stop rider. It is allows You to lock cutters bow on stable position to make all possible stepper, mitre, along (in two) cuts etc. rapid and precise.

Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! - Limit Stop Riders


Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! - Scaffold Bracket


The hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! can be also easily and quickly replaced on building Scaffold with the special Scaffold Bracket. All what You need on the scaffold: Suspend device on the scaffold – Tighten screws – Ready for work.


If You want to increases the possibilities of Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! – the Stand Base is simply irreplaceable. The special Foldable Pedestal / Stand Base enables quick and uncomplicated placing the hot wire foam cutter standing.

Hot wire foam cutter


For Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! we use Nichrome – NiCr wire. We offer ready-made versions of the cutting wire with two lugs on the ends for easy and quick installation on the cutter. You can buy cutting wire by the piece (1 pc) or in large amounts (1kit = 10pc). Wire are always in stock and can be sent to the client immediately after the order confirmation.

Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy! - Cutting wire



 Hot wire foam cutter HWS-Easy!

Cutting length:

1340 mm

Cutting depth:

max. 310 mm

Transformer 230v:

Pri: 230-volt/ Sec: 40V/200VA

Transformer 110v:

Pri: 110-volt/ Sec: 40V/200VA


14,8 kg

Support plate:

Laminated wood glued together


Painted aluminum profile with
ball-bearing supported guide

Art. #:


Extra Wire:


Scaffold bracket:


Stand base:



In Stock



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