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What is hot wire CNC foam cutters?

Hot wire CNC foam cutter (Hot wire CNC foam machine) is a computer-controlled device used to cut any shape in expanded – EPS and extruded foams – XPS. The Hot wire moves in the Y and X planes thanks to microstepper motors controlled by the PC. This ensures flawless precision, high processing speed, and consistently excellent quality. Using modern technology, Hot wire CNC foam cutters allow creating practically any product of the most complicated shape in a fast, accurate and relatively inexpensive way.

Your “imagination” is their only limit!

Hot wire CNC foam cutting machines is used to create display letters, logos (3D Logos), raphics, signboards, labels for indoor and outdoor ads, decor elements, fair stalls, store props & displays, P.O.P. displays, decorations for the theater or cinema, mock-up products, all kinds of packaging, amusement, architectural shapes, large-scale architecture models, thematic props, pipe insulation, preCast concrete molds, columns, etc.

Our Worldwide logistics partners are: TNT, UPS, DPD, ACE Logistics.

Need help?

If not sure which Hot wire CNC foam cutters model will suit your needs best, Contact us! with the required dimensions, number (#) of cutting cutting wires and required optional equipment/accessories (if any) and we will recommend a right model and provide You all information about particular cutter.

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